Avoid these Passport Mistakes!

Are you making easy-to-miss mistakes with your passport and related information?

Your passport is a valuable and powerful document, so it seriously pays to ensure that it’s always available and valid for ease of travel!

Read below to avoid unpleasantries on your next date of travel!

Make a Photocopy!

As you can probably deduce, a photocopy of your passport can’t exactly  be used for travel!

However, this useful document is clutch to have on hand! When you’re off to travel, leave a photocopy of your passport at home with someone that you really trust, and take at least one copy to go with you.

Then, if you passport is lost or stolen while traveling (fear not!), it will undoubtedly be much easier to get a new passport at the nearest US Embassy or Consulate if you have a photocopy of your lost passport to present.

While traveling abroad, a photocopy of your passport can also be incredibly useful when you are checking in to your temporary residence, hotel, hostel, etc… Most hotels, at least, are strictly required to register the passport details of their foreign guests, and in certain countries, some will ask you to leave your actual passport at the front desk while they fill out the messy paperwork.

Of course, If you have a photocopy with you at a time like this, you can just show them your original passport book and freely leave the photocopy at that front desk! Protection is paramount!

Sign Your Passport

You may not be aware that your brand spankin’ new passport is not technically fully valid until It’s rightly signed.

In fact, many countries and territories will not allow you to use an unsigned passport to enter and It’s an even bigger issue if you have to apply for a visa before your time of travel.

When you do receive your shiny new passport, follow these simple guidelines and stay in the clear:

  • Be sure to sign your passport in blue or black ink and not with a pencil, marker, etc…
  • Remember to sign your passport with your full name as listed on your passport! This includes your middle name!
  • You should know that children under age 16 may sign their own passports but the passport must also be signed by at least one parent/guardian.

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