Baby Photo Quick Tips!

Are you racing to get that tricky passport photo just right?

We know how hard it can be to get your little one to sit still, let alone pose!

Check out some tips to consider when taking your baby’s passport photo!

If you’re taking a trip abroad and you suddenly realize your special little someone needs to get his or her passport done, don’t hesitate! Although the task may at first, seem daunting, it can be as painless as taking the photo for yourself with the inclusion of these simple moves.

Worry not, weary travelers and passport-holders! We are here to help! These tips will give you some direction and confidence to get this thing done!

  • We suggest that you use a totally plain, white background for your baby’s passport photo. If white simply isn’t possible, any light-colored background will do as it can still be easily edited later. Cream and off-white are also options for suitable background color. Whatever you do, It is essential that the background is plain!
  • Your baby/the subject’s face should be evenly lit, so as to avoid the usual shadow problem that plagues passport photos. Remember, some babies are sensitive to flash so using natural light is a really good and infant-friendly alternative!
  • Be sure to avoid dressing your baby in white tops or otherwise white outfits, as they will seemingly disappear into the background of the image.
  • This tip is invaluable! Try engaging your understandably unenthused little one by using a toy or even his/her favorite TV show to encourage cooperation and fun! Remember, the goal is for the subject’s eyes to look into the lens, so you’ll want to place the object as close as possible to the lens and not above the camera! Additionally, placing the source of distraction too far beyond the camera would be pretty ineffective, as the baby’s post/eye positioning would be skewed.
  • Try to be patient and take as many shots as possible in one! This way, you can make a selection after the series of photos have been taken. Trust us, this is better than having to re-shoot after every few attempts!

Finally, be sure to message us at ePassportPhoto to get quick guidance from our representatives!