Brexit and Your Travel Plans

Wondering how the British exit from the European Union will affect your upcoming travel plans? You’re not alone!

Now that Britain is leaving the EU, as a result of the famous/infamous “Brexit” vote, many new arrangements will have to be made in the way of air service if British airlines are to continue operate freely all over the European Union.

Additionally, many Irish airlines, like Ryanair, or German airlines like German Wings, will rely on this resolution if they are to continue to fly in and out of the UK without restrictions.

The British pound has dipped and risen in value against the euro and the US dollar in recent weeks, as the Brexit dust settles and the nation finds its place in the western world.

One investment bank giant, Goldman Sachs, predicted that a vote to leave the EU could hit sterling by as much as 20 per cent, with the pound dipping as low as $1.15 against the dollar and €1.05 against the euro. Only time will tell how accurate these predictions are.

Now the incredibly high rates of compensation that passengers are entitled to (under the EU directive on flight delays/cancellations) are sealed under UK law. Undoubtedly, British airlines will lobby relentlessly to reduce these measures in the upcoming years.

Nevertheless, flights in and out of European Union countries and on EU airlines will still be governed by the directive, although one may have a much harder time claiming compensation due to this fact and as a result, travelers might have to go to court in another country to be awarded access to those funds.

However, the more extreme predictions and projections that passengers would end up with a serious lack of compensation, or lose their entitlements to food, drink, and overnight accommodation in the event of long delays, seem to be unlikely.

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