Change to Passport Requirements

New Passport Requirements for Italy, France, and other heavily-trafficked areas are changing the way that folks travel!

Read below to find out how…

Before you pack your bags for your summer ventures, we’d suggest checking the most up-to-date passport requirements for your destination of choice!

Because entry requirements for international locations aren’t universal, they can and, by all means, do change pretty frequently in response to the global political and environmental climate. Territories including France, Italy, and even the US have recently changed their entry requirements for visitors from abroad.

Until recently, Italy and France required that US citizens have a passport valid for at least three months past their planned European departure .

As this has recently changed, both France and Italy now require that travelers have a passport valid for at least six months past the last date of their planned stay!

As you might imagine, a large number of unlucky travelers have learned about this alteration the hard way, when they get to that pesky TSA line and receive the bad news!

In an act of leniency, some European countries still allow US citizens to enter with less than six months passport validity. This includes regions like Germany and the Netherlands, which require for only three months validity! This variation is on the books currently, but with the ever-changing and increasingly globalized world, the exact fate/trajectory of the passport remains undetermined.

As it stands, US citizens are allowed to stay in the country of travel for up to three months without a visa in “Schengen area” nations. These countries require that travelers have at least three months of passport validity, compared to the aforementioned six months validity.

Now, with Italy and France becoming part of those stricter nations that require at least six months validity, It’s increasingly possible that European countries will follow suit!

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