Clear Your Passport Ahead of Time!

Most likely, after a lengthy international flight, the last thing you’ll want to do is deal with the hassle of passport checking, subsequent lines, and maybe a cranky family to boot.

Are you just trying to get home to a hot shower, or the welcomed site of your four-legged, furry friend?

No matter who or what is waiting for you when you exit the plane, we know what you don’t want to be standing around for an additional, unspecified length of time!

Get smart with preclearance and enjoy your flight!

So, what is it?

Although It’s not so commonly known, preclearance is not a new program, by any means. In fact, preclearance facilities have existed and operated outside the US since the 1950’s.

At overseas airports with those US preclearance facilities, travelers go through exactly the same entry procedures that are usually followed at the arrival airport in the US. This includes passport control, customs, and even agriculture inspections. This way, when you arrive in the states, there’s no more hassle than a domestic flight! Get to the finish line faster!

Additionally, you should know that the amazing benefits of a preclearance program extend far beyond convenience to those affected. It is also an absolutely pivotal gain for national security, as this process acts as an extra layer of protection and scrutiny to make sure that terrorists or potentially inadmissible people are not allowed to board flights to America!

Oh, and by the way, every single US-bound traveler who is flying out of an airport with preclearance facilities may use said facilities! This is true regardless of whether or not the traveler is a US citizen!

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