Double Up on Your Passport!

The immediate opportunities that come with getting yourself a second passport are many! Moreover, these benefits are especially desirable to those living in a desperate governmental, or political situation/environment.

Check out some of the perks that accompany a second passport!

Greater Opportunities for Internalization!
Obtaining a second passport can open up a real set of distinct possibilities for your assets and income that are certainly limited for most citizens. This last piece is particularly true for Americans, in terms of opening up foreign bank accounts prior to closing old ones.

As a result of this mounting list of severe regulations, some foreign banks have determined that the costs of compliance outweigh any benefits of having Americans use their services!

As an American, opening a foreign financial account is an incredibly daunting task, with some real obstacles to overcome. In a way, these regulations are a sort of capital control.

Similarly, obtaining a second passport can also make purchasing real estate abroad a significantly easier experience. Of course, certain EU citizens have fewer limitations than others.

Prevent Foreign Policy Blowback!
If your country of origin’s government has gotten heavily involved in the complicated internal affairs of other nations, it could definitely make you a target for criminal activity, terroristic events, and other rare, yet life-altering foreign affair crises.

Of course, there are passports with minimal foreign policy blowback risk!

Travel Visa-Free!
The true value of a good passport isn’t how much you pay to get it in the first place, but how much visa-free travel it allows for! Applying for a visa document that must be pre-approved is a real hassle. Additionally, confronting obstacles to getting that visa can be frustrating, especially right before a trip. On this note, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina all collect a standardized visa fee from travelers who show a US passport.

Afghanistan has one of the least useful passports, while the Finnish passport will really get you places!

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