Dual Citizenship: Overview

As crazy as it may seem, it’s possible to be a citizen of both the United States and a citizen of another country at the very same time!

Maybe you knew this already…regardless, there are a number of ways that trusty travelers can become dual citizens. Know somebody who’s scored this fortunate position?

Dual citizens can have two up and running passports at one time, and have some pretty unique passport considerations when in possession of passports from two countries.

Dual citizenship with the Unites States and a citizenship of another country can be obtained in a few different ways!

  • Birth!
  • If a child happens to be born to a United States citizen and another parent who has citizenship in another country, that child can claim citizenship to both countries! Pretty simple, huh?
  • Children who are born in the United States to foreign national parents are also able to claim US citizenship via birth on US territory.
  • Marriage!
  • Some countries automatically offer citizenship to Unites States citizens who marry a member of that country.
  • Naturalization as a United States Citizen!
  • Do not fear, prospective dual citizens of the world! When a foreign citizen acquires US citizenship by naturalization, they do not lose their previous citizenship.

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