Extra Pages? Think Again!

Beginning this year, the U.S. government has enacted a big change in passport policy! They’ve even been forcing frequent travelers to get new passports!


Some frequent flyers and business folk alike are proud to show their airplane seat buddies a particularly well-travelled passport. This may include additional pages that were added on beyond the document’s initial printing in order to accommodate these overflowing government-issued stamps.

Since this change, which was enacted on January first, travelers are no longer be able to get extra pages added to their passports!

The government’s State Department cited security concerns for the alteration, but they did deliver the public with a possible alternative option to getting a new passport entirely: a new 52-page passport, which is a whopping twice the size of the usual 28-page document.

Travelers are able to choose whether they’d like the 28-pager or the doubled version, and both are fortunately at the same cost to passport-seekers.

This massive change to frequent flyers is the second passport-related announcement made by the U.S. government last year (in a rather short period), in addition to the government being able to deny passports for people who owe significant back taxes to the IRS.

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