Foto Failures

We all know how difficult it can be to master the art of the passport photo. Here are some quick “don’t do’s” in the hopes of helping you get it right.

1. Too light

Wash-out, over-exposure, and lightness are all caused by camera flash and other bright light sources such (like direct sunlight). Of course, these things all lead to light bouncing off of a person’s face or eyes, causing photo glare. Such issues problems can be easily fixed using a photo editing program (usually). However, to be safe, you should always ensure your flash is switched off for your photo shoot.

2. Sneaky Shadows

Deep facial shadows have a serious tendency to hide or contort facial features in photos. Of course, when applying for a passport, it is vital your face can be seen for identification purposes. As you may not know, passport fraud is still a prevalent problem in many countries around the world, which is why such strict rules have come into the forefront of international travel today. Remember to set the brightness and the contrast of your image for a balanced result.

3. Sizing issues

If your passport agency demands that your image is a standard size of 2×2 inches, it applies to the actual image area, and is not inclusive of that white border. A great deal of passport agencies require that the passport holder cuts off that white border prior to sending along that photograph.

4. Focus issues

Individuals commonly decide to take their own photographs for passport photos and as such, they misjudge the correct distance for capturing the image. The recommended distance is around three feet. A poor focus will result in a series of blurs and smudges. Try “sharpening” the image!

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