Getting Your Documents and What You’re Entitled To!

Passport seekers and American citizens, alike, should know that The Privacy Act grants them the right to obtain records (copies) in your own name, and the name(s) of your children/incompetent person for whom you are the guardian, as well as records in the name of anybody who has gone through the process of authorizing you to obtain them!

There are some materials required to do so! Read below to find out:

  • The full birth name and any name changes of the individual whose records you request. If you are requesting on someone’s behalf, be sure to include your own name!
  • If you are requesting records about anyone other than yourself, evidence of legal authorization to do so will definitely be required!
  • The date/place of birth for individual whose records you are requesting!
  • Your current mailing address
  • Your current telephone number
  • Your current e-mail address
  • The timeline of the passport(s) being issue
  • The passport number of the person whose records you are seeking
  • A copy of both sides of your valid photo identification

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