Ideal Travel Destinations for July

Last minute travel bug?

In Europe, July is primetime to vacation: This, of course, corresponds to the preferable climatic conditions for this part of the world, in general, during the summer months. This is fantastic news for travelers, but it also results in an undeniable price increase for travel fare. For those who seek sunshine, the south, with its breathtaking beaches, will certainly satisfy the need! Of course, the summer weather generally graces the entirety of the continent, making July travel especially pleasant, even in the northern areas. This time is particularly ideal to visit Iceland, where the temperatures vary between 8°C at night and 15°C during the daytime (which, at this time of year, is steadily increasing to 20 hours!

Consider Peru and Bolivia as tantalizing destinations during July, as by this time of year, the rains have stopped, giving way to breathtaking sunny days! Of course, It is definitely the right time to visit the National Parks in the USA, such as Yosemite, where adventurers can climb, even to high altitudes, without expecting extremely cold temperatures.

In Asia, Indonesia stands out as a prime destination for July, as It’s unique equatorial climate is balanced by pleasant sea breezes. Despite some light rain during the evenings and nights, there’s lots of Indonesian sunshine during the month. Additionally, temperatures are generally between 25 and 30°C. Be wary, insular travelers, as it is this time that the tourist season is in full swing! One should certainly expect company!

African territories could be a fantastic choice for July travel, as temperatures are still relatively mild and depending on the exact destination, even a little cool at night! Madagascar, for example, where the dry season continues with an average daytime temperature of 28°C and 15°C at night, is an ideal option for adventurous travelers. For Northern Africa adventures, Morocco is beautiful in this select time of year and weather!

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