International Passport Basics

Ever wished you could be the lucky holder of a passport from another country?

Dual citizenship, defined as having valid passports from two different nations, can certainly offer a lot of advantages. The most important of these being that it gives you the legal right to live and subsequently work in several countries.

Additionally, this can allow you visa-free access to many more nations, even as a temporary visitor.

Now, United Kingdom citizens are scrambling to acquire that essential dual citizenship in the wake of the chaotic and unexpected Brexit vote for the UK to formally leave the European Union.

Folks understandably want to get a passport from a European Union country/territory, which would allow them to work, study, and simply live in any EU country.

Interestingly, people born in Northern Ireland (which is technically part of the United Kingdom) have an uncharacteristically easy time acquiring citizenship in the Republic of Ireland.

Simply by being born in Northern Ireland, these lucky residents are eligible for both British and Irish passports!

On a different note, one of the most sound methods of becoming a citizen of another country is by moving to and living in that country for several years. As you might know you’ll be required to have a residence visa to start out (so you can legally live in the country while waiting to become a citizen).

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