Work It! Modeling for your Home Shoot!

Passports and passport photos seem to stick around a while, no?

We’re pretty certain that you want your passport photo to look decent, if not stunning and tabloid worthy! We’ve all had photos taken that makes us look older, tired, unwell, etc…

Here’s some quick glamour tips to keep cool when your camera heats things up!

Unsurprisingly, the first thing to consider is the selected attire for your big photo shoot. Keep in mind that the passport photo will present the area of your shoulders/collarbone/head, so what you wear below the waist is largely unimportant!

Be sure to look at the photo in your current passport (assuming this is a retake), and make sure you pick an outfit that is noticeably different than the one that you wore in your last passport photo. Remember, on the off-chance that your new photo looks too much like the old one, it could absolutely be rejected, as the passport agency will not be able to confidently confirm that it was taken in the last six months! This is essential to the passport photo process!

As a rule of them, men are best off wearing business-type dress, although, of course, that’s wide open to interpretation. Obviously, you just cannot go wrong with a suit and tie look. We understand that not every man is a GQ model and as such, if you lead a more casual lifestyle, we’d recommend that you wear a shirt with a classic collar, like a button-down dress shirt or even a less intimidating golf shirt.

The thinking here is that if you ever have to present your passport to obtain a business visa, or show it to a new employer as part of your “new hire” paperwork, you’ll be thanking yourself that this passport photo presents your true, professional self, in the best light possible!

As low cut tops/dresses are really common attire, there is the “I look naked in my photo!” phenomenon that can occur! Fear not, as this is a super avoidable issue to do with cropping and outfit choice!

As the background of the final image will be white, both men and women should definitely consider wearing a color (something that Isn’t black or white). Your photo will have to have a plain white or cream background, so a colored shirt will help ensure your photo doesn’t look washed out/that you don’t seemingly disappear. Pick your favorite and have a little fun!

On the day of your shoot, be sure to practice that pose before you snap the day away. As you know, your passport will need to show you looking straight forward (at the camera) with a neutral expression! Lastly, remember to sit up straight and roll your shoulders back to elongate and stretch your neck muscles-keep away that pesky cramping.

Finally, be sure to message us at ePassportPhoto to get quick guidance from our representatives!