Musical Mugs!

If you wanna travel, you must participate in the passport photo shoot, no matter the fame!

Check out what worked for the musical icons below!

Take your photos like a pro and be sure to message us at ePassportPhoto to get quick guidance from our representatives!

  • Marvin’s background is white and the lighting is balanced
  • Both of Martin’s ears are exposed
  • Martin is centered and facing forward
  • Martin is not wearing any extraneous items


  • Janis is not wearing any jewelry
  • Janis’ likeness has not changed drastically since her last passport photo
  • Janis is centered and forward facing, with both eyes clearly open
  • Janis’ image is high contrast


  • George is dead center
  • George is not wearing any hats
  • The background is completely white
  • The contrast is high, and the lighting is clear