Old Passport? What’s the Use?

Here’s a few words on why you should keep your out of date passport.

Why should you keep that expired passport (besides admiring your perfect picture, of course)?

  • It’s proof of your US citizenship!

So long as your appearance doesn’t drastically change and you are recognizable as the person who is pictured in your old passport, it can be used as proof of your US citizenship! Pretty cool, huh?

This way, if you ever lose your VALID passport (not that you will) and need to get a replacement, you can submit a cancelled passport as proof of your US citizenship instead of going through the trouble of producing your original birth certificate.

  • It’s proof of your identity!

Of course, you should never find yourself in the situation of having both your passport and/or driver’s license lost, stolen, destroyed, etc… In the terrible case that you ever do, that old passport document can be easily used as a means of getting a new driver’s license.

  • Keep it for posterity!

To put it simply and not too cornily, your passport is a tangible record of all the countries you’ve visited in your travels.

Of course, flipping through those tattered (although, hopefully not) pages and reliving all of your stamps is such a moving way to reminisce! In addition, It’s also fun to look back at your old, dated photos, or maybe a the passport of your little one!

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