Pack Like a Professional!

Packing your travel luggage is a necessary part of every trip-whether for business, or pleasure! What kind of packer are you? “Know thyself,” as they say!

Are you a list-maker, a last minute rusher, or somewhere in between? Do you take pride in your packing skills or could you use to sharpen up?

Check out the tips below to stay on top of your travel needs!

As you probably are already aware, the almighty carry-on bag is totally essential piece of the plane travel experience. Usually, airlines allow you to bring on one carry-on suitcase that will fit in the overhead bin, and a single personal item. This would include a purse, computer case, or a smaller backpack.

As airfare goes through the roof and checked baggage fees follow, many travelers are perfecting the mystifying art of fitting their stuff in to carry-ons!

TSA will be screening your average carry-on bags before you board your flight and head towards your destination. New limitations on carry-on materials in recent years have led to a more complicated airport procedure, but fear not! Yes, the ban on large containers of liquids is often the most troublesome and difficult to grasp for travelers. If you have shampoos, lotions, or other luxury toiletries you’d like to travel with, you can purchase those pesky little travel-size containers. Repurpose some old bottles to save a buck!
Definitely make sure that anything you know you’ll want to use during the flight is packed into your aforementioned personal item bag, which you can keep under the seat in front of you!

Your plane mates are discouraged from opening the overhead compartments while the plane is in flight and It’s definitely best that this convention is observed! Grab what you’ll need to make it through your lengthy flight!

Your average travelers will be prepped for flying and airport waiting periods with an arsenal of snacks, gum, mints,  etc…Remember, if your flight doesn’t have meal service, you may even want to purchase a meal in the terminal and carry it with you!

Bring a doggy bag from your favorite spot, or pack a meal from home to save!

Bring entertainment items for yourself, such as magazines, books, and your tablet or smartphone and most importantly, don’t forget to give those suckers a charge! A sweatshirt is a must for those who find themselves easily chilled. 🙂

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