Passport Fees Examined Pt. 2

Passport fees are nobody’s friend-but they are certainly unavoidable.

Find out the supposed cause of these curious charges here!

If you happen to be applying for your first time passport document, a replacement for a lost/stolen/damaged passport, or a passport for someone under the age of 15, you’re going to be forced to pay a Passport Execution Fee when you do apply for that pricey and prized little booklet.

The $25 Passport Execution Fee, as It’s called, is a fee set by the US State Department, but technically, that’s paid separately from your passport book fee.

The Passport Execution Fee is officially charged when you visit a Passport Acceptance Agent, typically found at large US Post Offices, Clerk of the Court offices, and other government facilities.

While these agents are not exactly employees of the US State Department, they are granted the power to review your passport application and identity documents as the first step in your passport application process

Next, once your documents have been formally reviewed, the acceptance agent will seal them into an official envelope for the subsequent processing.

This procedure (executing the passport) and this frustrating fee of $25 applies at every Passport Acceptance Agent across the country.

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