Passport Security!

Passport theft is serious business and needless to say, it can happen in the blink of an eye!

Here’s some of the most common methods by which “scammers” take advantage of passport-holding travelers!

  • One common methods of theft is for the guilty party to simply walks off with a tourist’s passport! How can such an obvious scheme come to be?

Many thieves pose as a police officer or other law enforcement officials and stop their victims for fabricated questioning. This method is commonly referred to as “The Imposter.”

  • Some con artists will mark, stain, or otherwise damage a passport-holders clothes in order to enter another ploy-beware of these thieves who then attempt to help “clean up” the orchestrated mess.

Here, the perpetrator steals the passport from the victim’s pocket while they are distracted by this apparent misfortune. This method is commonly referred to as “The Clean Up.”

  • Beware of hotel and other merchant interactions, as leaving your travel documents on a table or concierge desk could lead to a swift swipe!
  • One final cheat involves a tourist who is seated at a cafe, restaurant, or other establishment, has their passport in the pocket of their jacket hanging on the chair, and ultimately, has it is stolen by a thief who has taken a seat behind them (usually pretending to reach into his pocket).

Stay safe, alert, and travel happy!

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