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October 2023

Effortlessly Edit Video: Your Ultimate Tool is Here

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WordPress Quiz Plugin

This Wordpress quiz plugin allows you to easily create engaging quizes, tests and exams. Thanks to it's user-friendly interface and responsive design, you'll be able to customize your own quiz in just a few minutes.

12 Tips for Taking Great Amazon Product Images

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to selling products on Amazon. Your main image is what potential customers see first. Thus, high-quality product photos can be the difference between a successful sale and a missed opportunity. 

Great product photos not only capture the essence of your product but also instill trust and confidence in potential buyers. So, in this article, we'll delve into 12 essential tips to help you master the art of taking fantastic Amazon FBA listing images.

1. Lighting is Key

Good lighting brings out all the details and makes your product look its best. 

Without proper lighting, your photos can end up dark, shadowy, or flat, making your product appear dull and unappealing. On the other hand, with the right lighting, your product can shine, and customers can see every feature and detail.

And when it comes to it, you have two main options: natural light and artificial light. 

Natural light, like the sun's soft glow, can be your best friend for certain products. Try positioning your setup near a large window where sunlight gently streams in. This works wonders for items like jewelry, clothing, and cosmetics, giving them a natural, flattering look. 

On the other hand, artificial lighting provides you with control and consistency. It's your go-to choice for creating a controlled environment, especially when dealing with larger products or when you need to shoot at night.

Here are some tips you can use to achieve even lighting and make your products look at their best:

Use Diffusers or Reflectors: Employ diffusers or reflectors to soften harsh shadows and create a pleasing visual effect.

Highlight Specific Features: Experiment with different lighting angles to emphasize particular product features.

Side Lighting for Texture: Side lighting can accentuate texture and add depth to your product images.

Top-Down Lighting for a Clean Look: Consider top-down lighting to minimize shadows, creating a clean and professional appearance in your photos.

2. Choose the Right Camera

Think of your camera as the storyteller of your product's visual journey. 

Just like using the right words in a story, the right camera can make a huge difference in how your product is portrayed. That’s why choosing the right camera matters.

A high-quality camera, like a DSLR or a mirrorless one, can capture the fine details that might be missed with a basic point-and-shoot or smartphone camera. It's like having a magnifying glass for your products.

But if you're on a budget or just starting out, modern smartphones can be surprisingly capable. They have advanced cameras that can give you pretty sharp images.

On top of a good camera, you need a supporting item that allows you to take steady shots like a tripod or stabilizer.

Sharp, focused images are essential for showcasing your product's features. A tripod also allows you to experiment with longer exposures, which can be useful for certain Amazon product photography styles, such as light painting.

3. Set Up a Proper Background

Amazon likes to keep things neat and tidy, and that includes your Amazon images. For the main image, they ask for a plain white background. This clean and simple look helps your product shine without distractions.

Here are some tips you can take when setting up a white background:

Use a Seamless Paper or Cloth: Invest in a white backdrop, often called a seamless paper or cloth. It's designed to create that smooth and spotless look. You can find them in various sizes to suit your needs.

Ensure Good Lighting: Make sure your lighting is even to avoid shadows and create a truly white background. Softboxes or diffusers can help spread the light for a clean backdrop.

Adjust Your Camera Settings: Adjust your camera settings for a white balance to ensure your white background is truly white and not tinged with other colors.

Editing Tools: If there are any shadows or imperfections, you can touch them up in post-processing software like Photoshop or use online tools to ensure your background is pristine white.

Remember, your main image is the first thing customers see, so a clean white background not only meets Amazon's rules but also presents your product in the best possible light.

Now, should you go DIY or hire a professional?

Depending on your budget and needs, you can create your own DIY background setup or enlist the services of a professional studio. But for a more polished look and when dealing with a high volume of products, professional studios equipped with lighting setups and infinite white cyc walls can be a worthwhile investment.

4. Product Positioning and Angles

Different angles and positions allow customers to see every side and detail of your product. It's like showing off all the cool features of your favorite gadget.

For example, if you're selling a beautiful vase, showing it from various angles lets customers appreciate its design, shape, and craftsmanship. It builds trust and confidence because they know exactly what they're getting.

So try to capture your product from various angles to provide a comprehensive view. This helps customers get a better understanding of what they are purchasing. Consider shooting from the front, back, sides, and even from above or below to highlight different features.

It’s important to highlight key features as well. You can emphasize unique features by zooming in or focusing on them in some shots. 

For example, if you're selling a watch, showcase its intricate dial or strap design in close-up shots. Providing detailed images of specific features can boost a buyer's confidence and reduce the need for additional questions.

5. Use Props and Lifestyle Elements

Props and lifestyle elements are like the supporting characters in your product's story. They add depth, context, and relatability, helping your customers see how your product can enhance their lives.

They are especially useful for Amazon lifestyle images, where you create a scene that shows how your product fits into your customer's life. It's like telling a story about your product, where your customers can imagine themselves using it.

For example, if you're selling a camping tent, showing it with a cozy campfire, sleeping bags, and a starry night backdrop sets the scene. It helps customers picture themselves enjoying the great outdoors with your product.

Ensure that any props or elements you include are relevant to your product and enhance its appeal. Avoid overcrowding the frame; the product should remain the central focus. The goal is to create a visual narrative that complements your product without overshadowing it.

6. Product Sizing and Framing

When your product's size is accurately represented, it builds trust. Customers know what to expect, and there are no surprises when they receive the product. We can achieve this by showcasing the product with the right sizing and framing, here are some tips:

  • Show the Whole Product: Make sure your product is fully visible in the frame. Customers want to see the entire item, not just parts of it.
  • Fill the Frame: Avoid excessive empty space around your product. It should be the main focus, not lost in a sea of background. For the main image, the product should fill at least 85% of the image. This means that white space should only take up 15% of the entire image.
  • Zoom for Details: For smaller details, feel free to zoom in. This allows customers to see the quality of your product up close. For products with intricate patterns, textures, or fine print, zoomed-in shots can be particularly impactful.
  • Maintain Proportions: Keep your product's size and proportions accurate. Distorted images can confuse and disappoint customers.
  • Ratio: The best image ratio for Amazon product photos is 1:1 (a square image). However, Amazon allows for a maximum zoom or a 5:1 aspect ratio.

7. Consistency Across Product Photos

Consistency in product photos helps you convey professionalism, reliability, and a unified brand identity to your customers. It ensures that your Amazon FBA listing has a coherent and recognizable look, which can greatly influence buying decisions. 

There are a few ways to achieve consistency, some of them are:

Uniform Style: Maintain a consistent style for all your Amazon images, including background, lighting, and composition. This uniformity makes your brand appear more reliable and organized.

Template Usage: Consider using a template for your images. This helps ensure that every product photo adheres to the same layout and format, making your listings easy to navigate.

Color Palette: Stick to a defined color palette for your photos, including props and accents. Consistent colors contribute to brand recognition and professionalism.

Similar Product Positioning: Keep the same angles and positioning for similar products. This provides a cohesive look to your listings and aids customers in comparing products effortlessly.

8. Editing and Retouching

Editing is like the final polish for your product photos. It's the step that makes your images truly shine.

You can use photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to enhance your images. Adjust brightness, contrast, and colors as needed. Post-processing allows you to fine-tune your images, correct minor imperfections, and enhance the overall visual appeal.

But be mindful not to over-edit. The goal is to enhance, not deceive customers. Overly retouched images can lead to disappointment when customers receive the product and find it doesn't match the photos.

9. Be Creative and Have Fun!

Don't be afraid to think outside the box! 

Experiment with unique concepts, angles, and styles to make your product photos stand out. Creative Amazon photography services can help your products leave a lasting impression.

Remember that the most eye-catching photos often break the mold and offer a fresh perspective. Consider exploring unusual angles, incorporating abstract elements, or experimenting with artistic filters to give your product photos a unique and visually appealing touch.

10. Product Variation Photography

If your product comes in different colors, sizes, or styles, make sure to have a photo for each variation. This helps customers make informed choices. You can take a photo for each one, but it might be easier to have one solid photo and then change the color later with editing tools.

It’s also a good idea to take group shots that display all variations together, offering a visual overview. This can be especially helpful for customers who want to compare different options at a glance.

11. Mobile Optimization

In today's world, many shoppers use their smartphones to browse and buy products. Mobile optimization ensures your product photos look great on those smaller screens, providing a seamless shopping experience.

Tips for Mobile Optimization:

Resolution and Size: Ensure your images are in a mobile-friendly resolution and size. They should load quickly and appear sharp on smaller screens.

Zoom-Friendly: Make sure your photos are zoomable on mobile devices. This allows customers to get a closer look at your products.

User-Friendly Interface: Design your product listings with mobile users in mind. Easy navigation and clear, concise product details are key.

Mobile optimization is about making sure your product photos are a joy to view on smartphones. It's all about adapting to the way people shop today.

12. A/B Testing

A/B testing involves creating two different versions of your main product photo and then showing each version to a different group of potential customers. Once you have enough data, you can then compare the two versions to see which one resulted in more sales or clicks.

It helps you discover what works best for your customers, whether it's a different image angle, a new background, or even the main product image. By testing and analyzing, you can make informed decisions that boost sales and conversions.

In short, A/B testing allows you to continuously improve and fine-tune your product photos for maximum impact.

To create an A/B test for your main product photo, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Manage Your Experiments tool in Seller Central.
  2. Click the Create a New Experiment button.
  3. Select Product Image as the experiment type.
  4. Give your experiment a name and description.
  5. Select the product that you want to test the image for.
  6. Upload the two versions of your main product photo.
  7. Select the split percentage. This is the percentage of customers who will see each version of your photo.
  8. Click the Start Experiment button.


Your product images are your virtual storefront, inviting customers to explore, engage, and purchase. Best Amazon photography services should comply with these guidelines. Always check if they are following these guidelines when working with your images. Great photos also helps in SEO for your amazon listings.

Remember, mastering the art of Amazon product photography takes time and practice, so don't be discouraged if you don't get it right the first time. Embrace creativity, stay consistent, and continuously refine your approach. With dedication and attention to detail, your product photos will shine, and your Amazon business will thrive.

Benefits of Travel: 14 Things Travel Teaches You

The benefits of travel are countless. We all travel for different reasons, but we learn the same lessons. Travelling is a great opportunity to grow as a person, discover things you didn't know about yourself, make connections, and experience new cultures. It teaches you a whole range of things, including some you didn't expect. A few of those 14 benefits of travel might surprise you!

Lead generation tool/review

In this article you'll read a PhantomBuster review and find out whether it's the soultion to your lead generation problems. You'll get a closer look at the tool's features and its pros and cons. 

Jasper AI Review: What I Found Out After Using It (2023)

Jasper AI is an AI-powered writing tool designed to assist users in generating content efficiently and effectively. It employs advanced natural language processing algorithms to create coherent and contextually appropriate text based on one's inputs or prompts. You can utilize Jasper AI to ease your content creation process, enhance productivity, and improve the quality of your written work. Discover the specifics of its features, capabilities, shortcomings, and more on this Jasper AI review.

September 2023

Leveraging Google Reviews in Recruitment

In the ever-evolving landscape of recruitment, where the battle for top talent rages on, leveraging Google Reviews widget has emerged as a powerful strategy. In this digital age, candidates meticulously research potential employers, seeking not only competitive salaries but also a company culture that aligns with their values and recruiting new talent. Google Reviews, a platform traditionally associated with assessing restaurants and hotels, is now playing a pivotal role in the recruitment process.

The 10 Essentials for Hiking and Backpacking

The article discusses the ten essentials for backpackers and hikers. It emphasizes the importance of reliable navigation tools, sun protection, a comprehensive first aid kit, and appropriate clothing for unpredictable weather. Additionally, it suggests carrying versatile knives, headlamps or flashlights, fire-starting tools, sturdy shelters, extra food supplies, and adequate hydration tools. The recommendations ensure preparedness for various unpredictable situations in the backcountry.

Uncovering the Hidden: Methods to Detect a Husband's Secret Cell Phone

Suspicions regarding a husband's secret cell phone can strain a relationship. This guide outlines five ways to discreetly detect such a device: conducting a house search focusing on frequently visited spots, examining bank statements for potential related expenses, using online phone number lookup tools, checking devices connected to the home Wi-Fi, and scanning for nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices. Discovering the truth can provide clarity, but whatever the outcome, maintaining trust and discretion is paramount in addressing relationship concerns.

Setting Off on an Adventure? Don't Overlook Your SMS Needs!

As you wander into the unfamiliar terrains of a new place, grabbing a local SIM card is often the first step towards cost-effective communication. Yet, there's a subtle detail many overlook: transitioning to a local SIM might lead to missed texts on your primary number. From essential app verifications to those one-time pins from airlines or accommodations, these messages are pivotal. Overlooking them might throw a small wrench in your otherwise smooth journey.

That's where an SMS verification service steps in. With it, even when you're tuned in to local networks, those crucial OTPs won't skip you. It's a practical solution in today's digital travel era. Here's to uninterrupted adventures!

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How to Build a Social Media Sales Funnel: Your Complete Guide

This guide unpack the concept of a social media sales funnel, highlighting its critical stages: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Loyalty. It underscores the significance of crafting content tailored to each stage, guiding prospects smoothly through their buying journey. Additionally, the guide introduces—a game-changing tool that seamlessly automates lead captures, optimizing the funnel's efficiency and boosting conversion rates. For businesses aspiring to convert followers into loyal customers, mastering this funnel is essential.

Learn Spanish Online Fast

Are you traveling to a Spanish-speaking country soon? If you want to have a truly immersive experience, it's best to learn the Spanish language. You'll be able to connect with the locals, as well as navigate your way around town with ease. No need for you to hire a local translator or use a clunky translation app. All you need to do is prepare yourself before the trip by using the Lingvist app. Unlike other language learning apps, it takes your learning experience up a notch by using the power of AI. Basically, the app learns your unique learning style and adjusts the course according to your pace. This way, you can learn Spanish 10x faster than traditional language classes.

5 Best Visa-Free Trip Ideas for Americans for Easy Travel

Here you can find a resourceful guide for American travelers seeking exciting and hassle-free international adventures. Offering valuable insights and recommendations, the page outlines five enticing visa-free travel ideas, enabling U.S. citizens to explore diverse cultures and destinations with ease. With detailed descriptions, tips, and personal experiences shared by the author, readers can discover a variety of enticing options for their next overseas adventure, all while bypassing the complexities of visa applications.

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How to choose a Charter Jet

Considering the leap from crowded airports to the luxe life of flying private? This guide is your co-pilot through the maze of charter jet options. You'll discover how to pinpoint exactly what you need for your airborne lifestyle, whether that's gourmet meals at 30,000 feet or escaping the chaos of big-city airports. Learn the savvy way to communicate with jet providers and uncover the safety checkpoints that matter. Don't miss this insider secret on "empty leg" flights—they're your hack for tasting the high life without the wallet squeeze. From dissecting costs to decoding contracts, this article have mapped out your route to a serene, sky-high escape.

August 2023

Supercharge Your Business With AI

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Find phone number by name

Are you wondering how you can find someone's phone number for free? This article will help you find someone's cell phone number and e-mail address, using only their name. It also includes a list of tools that will help you. 

Unlock Your Creative Potential with Picsart's Free Photo Editor

Picsart is a fantastic photo editor that can handle all sorts of complex tasks, making them easy enough for amateurs to tackle.

The most important thing to know is that this tool is free to use, so you don’t need to sign up for any subscription packages to get access to its amazing features.

Another selling point is that Picsart takes advantage of AI in order to give you a helping hand with the more tedious aspects of image manipulation. This includes carrying out background removal and tweaking automatically, freeing up your time to focus on the more fun parts of tinkering with your snaps.

It’s also perfectly suited to fans of social media, with pre-made templates and settings letting you quickly conjure up content for your feeds, whether for personal purposes or as part of a digital marketing campaign you’re helming.

In fact professional users will love its batch editing function, which lets you apply the same changes consistently to many images in one fell swoop. Want to crop, enhance or resize a whole photoshoot’s worth of pictures? Picsart can do just that, in much less time than it would take to make the changes manually.

For fans of filters, Picsart definitely ticks all the boxes. You can apply a range of different effects to images, and it’s a breeze to upload these from any connected device. So whether you want to make changes at home, in the office or on the move, this is the software to choose.

If you want to go further and make things like collages, or even edit videos, then this is once again a platform that is there to help you out. So in short, anyone who is looking for an alternative to the established image editing software tools should definitely give this free and highly functional solution a try.

Today's Top Vpn coupons & promo codes

Discover the latest deals in digital privacy! Dive into our curated collection of today's top VPN coupons and promo codes, ensuring secure browsing without breaking the bank.

Crafting Wedding Invitations with Panache: 3 Essential Tips

Ah, the matrimonial march is underway, and you're ready to orchestrate a wedding that leaves Cinderella envious! The pièce de résistance? Your wedding invitations, of course! These elegant emissaries set the tone for your big day, and getting them right is an art form. Fear not, dear couples-to-be, for I, your wedding wiz, am here with three suave tips to ensure your invites are as enchanting as your love story.

  1. Eloquent Etiquette: Channel your inner wordsmith and compose your invite's verbiage with flair. Seek the symphony of eloquence while relaying essential details. Gently beckon your guests with phrases that dance on the edge of poetic, and ensure your RSVP date is as clear as the diamond on your finger.
  2. Aesthetic Alchemy: The visual overture of your invitation is a work of art that deserves applause. Harmonize colors and fonts with the wedding's theme, employing hues that rival a sunset over the Grand Canyon. Your monogram? An elegant emblem of your union. Remember, a well-designed invitation is like a finely tailored tuxedo—it exudes style and sophistication.
  3. Timeless Trove: Let's talk timing, dear betrothed. Dispatch your invitations with the precision of a conductor's baton. Give guests ample notice to clear their calendars and consider the journey of the invite itself. Will it traverse oceans to reach your distant cousin? Factor in international mailing with the wisdom of a globetrotter.

So, there you have it, lovebirds—three cardinal rules for ensnaring hearts before the big "I do." Let your invitations whisper the romance of your union and dazzle like the stars on your wedding night. With eloquence, aesthetics, and timing at your side, your invitations shall be the overture to a symphony of matrimonial marvels!

Mail Generator

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Namibia – Unique Recipe for Friendships with New People

Discover the unique recipe for friendship in Africa! This article cover Namibiad cuisine, culture, recipes and most interesting travel spots, all in one place.             

July 2023

Looking for a perfect pet name? Let AI help you!

Have you ever brainstormed ideas for your new pet’s name and couldn’t come up with anything fitting? Perhaps you want to be a bit more creative but just can’t make up your mind? Luckily, AI can help you out. AI Pet Name Generator will help you pick the ideal name for your new furry friend. The tool will take several factors into consideration and give you plenty of options to name your new companion just right.

How long can an assured shorthold tenancy be for?

There is no maximum length for an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. However, typically, there is a period of 6 or 12 months (6 months minimum) where there is a fixed term of a tenancy and a further period after this where there is a rolling agreement. 

This fixed term prevents the landlord or the tenant from being able to renegotiate the length of the lease or the amount of rent that is being charged within that time frame. Afterwards, the contract is open to be amended.

The rolling agreement part of the tenancy refers to where the tenant pays the rent every month and either party can decide to move away from the deal at any moment with the right amount of notice.

Including the fixed term period, the average length of tenancy is around 4.3 years in the UK. Throughout this period the landlord will continue to maintain the property and the tenant continues to pay rent.

Performance Marketing Tool

Adyogi is a performance marketing tool designed to help e-commerce businesses of all sizes increase their revenue in the most efficient manner. With Adyogi, you can expand your customer base by leveraging AI-supported prospect campaigns and lookalike campaigns, ensuring that the right set of people visit your online store. The reporting engine provides quick statistics, allowing you to track every sale generated through the platform and maintain control over your spending

Business cards online for free in minutes

The Adobe Business Card is a professional and visually stunning tool designed to help individuals and businesses make a lasting impression with their business cards. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this business card showcases high-quality standards and innovative design capabilities

What is intercultural management and why is it important?

Work environments increasingly support diversity and inclusivity, making teams increasingly multicultural. Therefore, intercultural management is gaining importance. This article will introduce you to the basics of the topic and help you build close-knit, strong multicultural teams.

Photo Editor Freelance Jobs

Jooble job aggregator offers you a chance to work as a freelance photo editor. Head over to their page and have a look at the available positions.