Simple Don’t-Do’s for Your Pics!

You may have seen guidelines for passport photo-friendly appearances.

However, what might be a little less clear is equally important!

Find out what not to wear, below!

Although sorting out and getting psyched for your international travel plans is mostly exciting, your very first step after deciding to venture out of domestic realms, even before you purchase your tickets, is not so fun! At ePassportPhoto, it is understood that the easiest step in applying for a passport should be getting the passport photo, itself!

However, the requirements are very particular and should be properly anticipates, so as to save yourself the headache of getting all the necessary paperwork together and being turned away from your appointment!

One cannot be photographed for a passport in any sort of uniform, including military or law enforcement. However, one exception to this stipulation is for diplomats or other officials who may get government approval to do so. Additionally, commercial employees, such as pilots or flight attendants, who wear their uniforms during travel, may get governmental approval.

Items that are strictly prohibited include hats, scarves, or other headwear that completely covers one’s hairline. Of course, the exception is if it is part of your religious attire, like a turban or headscarf. However, even so, the subject’s face must be visible from hairline to chin and from the front of one ear to the front of the other.

Sunglasses or tinted eyeglasses are similarly disallowed in passport photos. If you normally wear eyeglasses, you should feel free to wear them in the passport photo, just as long as the frames don’t obscure your eyes. If you have tinted lenses for medical reasons, It’s possible that you may have to provide a signed medical statement proving so. Contacts, or anything that make your irises appear larger or smaller than they truly are, are also recommended against. Lastly, you cannot wear anything temporary, such as Bluetooth devices, headphones, one-time facial decorations, or temporary tattoos.

As you may already be aware, you’ll be photographed in front of a white background, so contrasting clothing is undoubtedly best. Keep in mind that immigration officials and others you may need help from while traveling can be notoriously humorless, due to the serious nature of their work! Be sure to use a neutral facial expression in your passport photo to take this facet of your photo experience into account!

Would you like to be sure that you’ve complied with the above?

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