The Basics!

Got big travel plans that involve you leaving the United States?

Need to get where you’re going, and fast?

As I’m sure you know by now, you’ll surely need a passport to do so! Fear not, weary travelers, for you are not in this alone!

What may be slipping your mind is that you will be required to submit two 2-inch-by-2-inch photos for proof of identification.

Don’t let this element of your travel plans slow you down! There’s plenty of resources to help you get there, but not all will be right for you! Many companies include wildly unnecessary charges and fees to take advantage of the often chaotic/frantic circumstances of the average traveler, especially those dealing with lengthy plane flights!

These two required photos must include the subject against a light-colored background and cropped to the United States passport agency’s guidelines.

Countless online resources describe in painstaking detail, this laundry list of state-issued requirements. As anybody who’s travelled abroad is aware, Passport photo services are everywhere, but there’s only one that’s been vetted by top publications and millions of user, alike:

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