Tips for Expediting Your Passport Process!

Plain and simple-you’re in a hurry and need that government-issued passport fast! Here’s some quick tips to get you where you’re going faster!

  • If you need a passport photo taken, your best bet is to use the leading service in passport photo service, ePassportPhoto, and more specifically, their same day pickup service. This will connect you with trained representatives who are eager to assist, and a guarantee that you’ll meet your application deadline.
  • Packets with passport materials sent by mail should also be sent using a traceable delivery method, due to the sensitivity of said documents, images, etc…
  • If you’re traveling to Canada, Mexico and islands in the Caribbean, it is recommended that you consider applying for a passport card instead of your actual passport book. The passport card can be a form of ID and you’re likely to find it more convenient and conducive to quick and easy travel. Additionally, be sure to apply for a passport early and avoid expedited service fees, which can rack up and dip into your travel budget as a result! Applications for renewals should be submitted roughly nine months before the expiration date (because of the 6-month validity rule required by some countries/territories.
  • If you do have upcoming travel plans, make sure that the passport you will be using has at least six months of validity left on it, as you won’t be allowed to travel if your passport expires in six months or less!
  • Finally, be sure to message us at ePassportPhoto to get quick guidance from our representatives!