Top 10 Passport Photos Mistakes – by celebs mugshots

Posing a la portrait

Pointing your head to the side makes your passport photo immetiadly not valid – we admire the great way Ms. Hilton loves to pose but for your next passport photo keep it simple

Background noise

Mr. Barkley – keep this background piece out of the pic

Too light contrast

Eminem we know you can make the photo light just a bit darker

Closed eyes 

Let's ignore for a second the background noise here.  Although this should be an easy one, but in our case Mr. Bushwick keeps his eyes shut (or some part of them)

Unneutral expression

Mr. Lil Wayne – the biometrics will go off the wall with such expression

Open mouth

Lindsay, please keep your mouth closed. Apparently, the biometrics computers get nervous when they encounter the white color of the teeth

Too dark contrast 

Nothing to do with Mr. Tyson'S skin color, the biometrics machines and the State Dep. folks would reject this photo due to dark contrast

Uncleared eyes 

Nicole's left eye is slightly covered by her beautiful hair – a big no-no for passport photos

Background shadow 

Even the respectful Mr. Blumenthal's photographer got this mistake here.  How to avoid this? simply stand a bit farther from the wall to avoid the shadow

Looking off the camera

The eyes should always be pointed forward.  Ms. Foxy Brown we're here! look at us!