Transgender Rights and Passports

As a global push towards a broader extension of basic human rights reaches the transgender community and the ongoing struggle for political and social equality.

Recently, a woman traveling from India to the United States had her passport revoked on a return trip because her passport lists her gender as transgender, and her US visa application, which showed her gender as female, didn’t match it!

These decisions regarding self-representation and identity have been central to recent election cycles, political campaigns, and legislative happenings. Turbulent tides threaten to further marginalize certain already alienated groups of citizens and travelers alike-The Unites States is presented with a question of confronting such policies, as several other nations committed to doing.

As it turns out, India is one of several nations (including Australia) which allow citizens to identify themselves as an option outside of male or female on their passports and other official government identification forms.

The US State Department requires that passport applicants report their gender as either male or female and as such, there is no option to show one’s gender as transgender, bigender, agender, etc…

However, the heavily scrutinized department has provided clear procedures for changing the gender listed on the passport for individuals who are in the process of transitioning from one gender to another, or who have even previously had medical gender reassignments.

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