Traveling on a Budget!

Looking to travel without the spending? Here’s a couple of tips to save you the most!

1. Find travel packages

While many plan all aspects of travel separately, sites like Groupon can make bundle travel packages a breeze! Be sure to do some online searching prior to planning your getaway!

This method will make your travels hassle-free, easy to coordinate, and most importantly, cost-effective.

1. Be flexible about your particular days of travel.

Some sources cite Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday as prime days for purchasing airfare. regardless of your travel situation, flexibility with both your departure and return dates can save you big bucks, fast.

If your work schedule doesn’t allow you to be flexible, the next best thing you can do is shop for flights simply based on when prices are most affordable (Tuesday at 3 p.m. is the best time to look for a deal on flights).

2. Request relevant airfare alerts.

With the frequency and efficiency of commercial airline travel, many online resources have arisen to make the process easy and affordable. Fares sell out quickly, and you’ll miss such select deals if you don’t act fast.

Be sure to subscribe to each mailing list, or set up Twitter/social media notifications to get an alert when they share a deal.

3. Make use of your time, even your layover!

Everybody knows that flights with layovers can be inconvenient, which is part of the reason why they generally cost less money than direct flights. If you’re able, choose a flight that has a long layover at a place you want to visit to turn a pit stop into another quick trip!

You can also choose flights with layovers at your particular destination, which may be cheaper than taking a regular flight to the same location! Sites like Skiplagged can help you compare flights with layovers where you need to go.

4. Got friends or family in the area? Stay as a guest!

Airfare aside, accommodations can certainly make a trip pricey. Hostels can help here! Sleeping in a bunk bed with strangers may sound like a stretch but some hostels absolutely offer single rooms! How about traveling to locations where you have family or friends! If you’re the adventurous type, you can even use a site like Couchsurfing to find a local to stay with, free of charge!

6. Pre-plan your meals.

Dining out throughout an entire trip will set you back and restrict the remainder of your visit. Head to a local market to pick up food that you can prepare deliciously and easily for yourself. Additionally, be sure to look for travel packages that include food or, at least a meal. If you want to enjoy international dining, do it during lunch, when meals tend to be less expensive.

7. Use group affiliations for discounts.

Do you have employee benefits racking up? Other club or group memberships? See if they include travel perks like airfare, vehicle transportation, etc…If you’re a student, be sure to use your student ID for transportation discounts!

8. Cash in on credit card rewards points.

Some credit card introductory promotions include points that you can use in your travel plans! Of course, you should avoid going into debt for the sake of traveling, but if you use a credit card responsibly, points are certainly an opportunity to save.

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