Voting Abroad

Voting overseas sounds daunting. Maybe it doesn’t have to be so!

Check these tips below to be prepared for change, not behind it!

As an American citizen, as you know, your vote is a fast track to expressing your own, authentic voice. This is one of the integral cornerstones of our modern democratic society.

From voting in a new representative, to adamantly fighting for important, groundbreaking social justice-oriented legislation (oh, and that whole electing a president thing), you’ll be able to fulfill your basic rights and responsibilities as an American Citizen from a foreign state.

In other words, just because you will be abroad during an election does not mean that you have an easy out!

American citizens who are residing in a foreign country during election cycles can absolutely exercise the right to vote! The Federal Voting Assistance Program makes it really easy for families, as well as lone individuals working or simply traveling abroad, to register and receive their absentee ballot.

In order to this absentee thing, you will need to present a copy of a valid passport when you do cast that vote, so be sure that it does not expire anytime soon.

With several million Americans residing abroad, this rather large population of voters is actually sometimes considered their very own swing state, which makes sense, if you think about how “red” or “blue” said population could be.

Of course, a lot of Americans don’t know how easy it is to vote from abroad, and as a result, there’s a sizable American population that doesn’t cast a vote, at all.

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