Your Top To-Do in San Fran!

San Franciso is an undeniable California gem! Don’t miss the abundant opportunities to get to know this sourdough-loving city!

Golden Gate Bridge by foot!

Walking, biking, or simply venturing across the bridge is a free, yet unforgettable adventure for tourists and residents alike. Travelers can soak up the soaring towers, magnificent city skyline, or the jeweled Pacific Ocean stretching distantly into the horizon.

The Golden Gate never fails to impress, even when blanketed by fog. Don’t miss the most highly photographed bridge in the world (It’s for a reason).

Ferry Building produce shopping!
For a full three days a week ( Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (up until 2pm)), scores of food-frenzied shoppers can be found happily surveying the overflowing produce stands of the Ferry Building Marketplace, an iconic destination where up to 75 regional farmers and artisan food purveyors of specialty goods offer a daunting array of organic produce, and gourmet snacks, oils, meats, cheeses and baked goods.

This place even boasts beautiful flowers! Local companies like Acme Bread and Blue Bottle Coffee enjoy a permanent home here!

Dumpings at Yank Sing!

The enticing scent emanating from the iconic dumplings at Yank Sing are so irresistible, you’ll probably down the things before finding out what’s in them.

Amazingly fresh and impressively flavorful dim sum is undoubtedly what keeps this longtime restaurant thriving in an unsuspecting wing of a looming office complex. Notable dished include shanghai dumplings with pork, scallion, ginger and a hot broth, and stuffed crab claws!

Hop on the Cable Cars!

San Francisco’s beautiful cable cars are a real relic of a time long gone. Three cable car lines depart from Union Square and the end of California Street, traveling at top speeds of a sluggish yet enjoyable 9 mph through some really prime San Francisco gems! Ride the rails and make some memories-save the cab fare, while you’re at it!

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