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Work It! Modeling for your Home Shoot!

Passports and passport photos seem to stick around a while, no?

We’re pretty certain that you want your passport photo to look decent, if not stunning and tabloid worthy! We’ve all had photos taken that makes us look older, tired, unwell, etc…

Here’s some quick glamour tips to keep cool when your camera heats things up!

Unsurprisingly, the first thing to consider is the selected attire for your big photo shoot. Keep in mind that the passport photo will present the area of your shoulders/collarbone/head, so what you wear below the waist is largely unimportant!

Be sure to look at the photo in your current passport (assuming this is a retake), and make sure you pick an outfit that is noticeably different than the one that you wore in your last passport photo. Remember, on the off-chance that your new photo looks too much like the old one, it could absolutely be rejected, as the passport agency will not be able to confidently confirm that it was taken in the last six months! This is essential to the passport photo process!

As a rule of them, men are best off wearing business-type dress, although, of course, that’s wide open to interpretation. Obviously, you just cannot go wrong with a suit and tie look. We understand that not every man is a GQ model and as such, if you lead a more casual lifestyle, we’d recommend that you wear a shirt with a classic collar, like a button-down dress shirt or even a less intimidating golf shirt.

The thinking here is that if you ever have to present your passport to obtain a business visa, or show it to a new employer as part of your “new hire” paperwork, you’ll be thanking yourself that this passport photo presents your true, professional self, in the best light possible!

As low cut tops/dresses are really common attire, there is the “I look naked in my photo!” phenomenon that can occur! Fear not, as this is a super avoidable issue to do with cropping and outfit choice!

As the background of the final image will be white, both men and women should definitely consider wearing a color (something that Isn’t black or white). Your photo will have to have a plain white or cream background, so a colored shirt will help ensure your photo doesn’t look washed out/that you don’t seemingly disappear. Pick your favorite and have a little fun!

On the day of your shoot, be sure to practice that pose before you snap the day away. As you know, your passport will need to show you looking straight forward (at the camera) with a neutral expression! Lastly, remember to sit up straight and roll your shoulders back to elongate and stretch your neck muscles-keep away that pesky cramping.

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The AU Continued!

The rise of a strengthening African Union and the resulting passport legislative change has created unrest and excitement, alike!

What exactly will and has changed?

To start, Nigeria’s tourism and closely-related hospitality industry might financially overtake the mighty oil sector in just a few years, if projections and trends hold true!

With the recent launch of the African Union (AU) passport and its subsequent adoption by the country’s legislators, this would be fantastic news to the African nation.

The advent of the Pan-African passport also (by design) allows for free movement of domestic tourists into the country and throughout the continent in an EU-modeled system.

Reactions unsurprisingly range from enthused, to disgruntled.

The resulting opportunities presented by the unified African passport absolutely outweigh the potential/imagined threats to national, continental, and global security, according to many. Since Nigeria’s mainstay, oil, might not provide enough of a lift to the economy, the government will be and has been seeking alternative methods of generating revenue.

The harsh reality of these dwindling oil prices (a result of the fall in foreign exchange) is now being experienced across all sectors and as such, many leading experts in the industry are brainstorming on diversification possibilities to prevent Nigeria from entering a recession.

As a result of these changes and to meet the demands for an ever-changing economic climate, Nigerian leaders have boosted the hospitality industry, along with the sectors with the most opportunities for projected growth in the next few years.

Breaking this long-standing barrier of free and east travel for other African countries to make its way to Nigeria, is an undeniably powerful way of accelerating the growth of the hospitality industry!

Of course, it should be say that this collective vision of the unified AU passport will also have some cause for concern attached it, such as an unregulated flow of migrants from one country to another!

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Baby Photo Quick Tips!

Are you racing to get that tricky passport photo just right?

We know how hard it can be to get your little one to sit still, let alone pose!

Check out some tips to consider when taking your baby’s passport photo!

If you’re taking a trip abroad and you suddenly realize your special little someone needs to get his or her passport done, don’t hesitate! Although the task may at first, seem daunting, it can be as painless as taking the photo for yourself with the inclusion of these simple moves.

Worry not, weary travelers and passport-holders! We are here to help! These tips will give you some direction and confidence to get this thing done!

  • We suggest that you use a totally plain, white background for your baby’s passport photo. If white simply isn’t possible, any light-colored background will do as it can still be easily edited later. Cream and off-white are also options for suitable background color. Whatever you do, It is essential that the background is plain!
  • Your baby/the subject’s face should be evenly lit, so as to avoid the usual shadow problem that plagues passport photos. Remember, some babies are sensitive to flash so using natural light is a really good and infant-friendly alternative!
  • Be sure to avoid dressing your baby in white tops or otherwise white outfits, as they will seemingly disappear into the background of the image.
  • This tip is invaluable! Try engaging your understandably unenthused little one by using a toy or even his/her favorite TV show to encourage cooperation and fun! Remember, the goal is for the subject’s eyes to look into the lens, so you’ll want to place the object as close as possible to the lens and not above the camera! Additionally, placing the source of distraction too far beyond the camera would be pretty ineffective, as the baby’s post/eye positioning would be skewed.
  • Try to be patient and take as many shots as possible in one! This way, you can make a selection after the series of photos have been taken. Trust us, this is better than having to re-shoot after every few attempts!

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Canadian Passport Update!

As of last year, the federal government ushered in major changes to the way Canadian passports are formally issued!

These changes have the potential to speed up the renewal process for obtaining a passport on the go, but what’s the flip side? 

As with any freedom granted/supported by a government agency, the change is likely to enable forgery, fraud, and identity theft, especially troubling and plausible in our current global climate of heightened security.

An internal communication issued by this Canadian governmental agency last year explained that the changes were intended to allow online applications and no longer require the return of the old passport!

What’s the replacement method of passport destruction here?

Travelers will be told to “cut the corners” of the document, without any means of verifying that this has, in fact, been done! The change took effect on Nov. 1, 2015, for online applications and Dec. 14, 2015, for paper-based applications that are manually received.

What are the potential consequences?

This decree was issued despite the department’s own internal analysis warning of significant security risks, both domestic, and abroad!

Even though the old passport are to be cancelled in the system, it will look still by all means appear to be a valid passport, meaning that the holder could travel to any of the countries in the world that do not have a substantial agreement with Canada to share a certain set of data. What list is this, you ask? The government keeps track of all cancelled/expired travel documents and it is essential to national security that this information gets conveyed to the world’s often disconnected territories.

Canada’s previously issued ordinances required an old travel document to be returned with the application for a new one, after which it was immediately cancelled electronically and physically, as well! How? A simple perforation with a two-hole punch sufficed. The document was then securely destroyed or returned to the applicant.

Obviously, passports and in particular, passports in great condition are of extremely high value on the black market, especially in the Middle East and parts of Africa. This change in policy in a time of growing insurgencies, extremism and a complex global stage where security requires international collaboration and cooperation on all fronts.

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More on Taxes and Your Passport!

A controversial law sought to authorize the revocation AND refusal of US passports to those who owed taxes to the government – Who has this affected and how?

Back in December of 2015, President Obama approved a unique piece of legislation titled “Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act.” FAST Act provides long-term funding for surface transportation in the US.

This incredibly important and historic piece of legislation affects US taxpayers regardless of where where they reside, simply based on the history of their taxes. This add on has been tacked to the US Internal Revenue Code as a new section (7345) which grants the US State Department the right to revoke or deny passports to any applicant with �seriously delinquent tax debt’. Of course, “significant” is not left open-ended here.

Still, this alterations has had significant implications for US taxpayers who travel and/or live outside the United States, whether you currently owe taxes, or could in the near future.

Here, the definition of seriously delinquent debt is tax liability greater than $50,000!

It should be noted that the State Department and not the IRS has the power to revoke or deny any US taxpayer a passport, at any point (although the situation must dictate this decision).

Under this section 7345, the IRS commissioner needs to make a case of �seriously delinquent tax debt’ to the Treasury secretary, who is then responsible for transmitting that information to the secretary of State. From there, the decision to certify is based on the aforementioned advice of the IRS, which compiles a sort of “naughty” list.

Additionally, many US taxpayers with significantly smaller tax deficiencies could be affected, as well. The threshold includes penalties and interest, meaning that this law provides for humanitarian and emergency exceptions.

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Indian Passports and Police Verification

What does this seemingly minuscule decision change?

The announcement holds a great deal of weight, as travel security, and economic stability is inextricably linked to passports and their perceived value.

With this alteration to the law books, for the reissue of passports, police verification is no longer required (only if the first passport had been issued on the basis of positive police report).

Additionally, the decision will have a tangible and significant impact on some applicants who face a delay due to the mandatory police verification for re-issuance of their passport.

In accordance with existing regulations, minors, government workers, and senior citizens (65 years and above) are exempt from police verification subject to certain conditions. As of this month, there have been reports confirming a proposal (under consideration) to discontinue �Tatkaal’ system for issuing passports for urgent travel needs.

In India, this system is used to expedite the passport process, much like the American services offered by government-approved agencies.

As improvements are made in the standard passport delivery process, the use of Tatkaal passport has been steadily decreasing from 11 per cent in 2012-13 to six per cent in 2014-15.

Of course, the method is required under dire circumstances!

In the meantime, the indian Home Ministry is working on a country-wide police verification project for passports, to be launched online. This feature is expected to cut down the time required for issuing the travel document from a month, to just one week! Said project is expected to be launched from Bengaluru in this coming November.

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Tips for Expediting Your Passport Process!

Plain and simple-you’re in a hurry and need that government-issued passport fast! Here’s some quick tips to get you where you’re going faster!

  • If you need a passport photo taken, your best bet is to use the leading service in passport photo service, ePassportPhoto, and more specifically, their same day pickup service. This will connect you with trained representatives who are eager to assist, and a guarantee that you’ll meet your application deadline.
  • Packets with passport materials sent by mail should also be sent using a traceable delivery method, due to the sensitivity of said documents, images, etc…
  • If you’re traveling to Canada, Mexico and islands in the Caribbean, it is recommended that you consider applying for a passport card instead of your actual passport book. The passport card can be a form of ID and you’re likely to find it more convenient and conducive to quick and easy travel. Additionally, be sure to apply for a passport early and avoid expedited service fees, which can rack up and dip into your travel budget as a result! Applications for renewals should be submitted roughly nine months before the expiration date (because of the 6-month validity rule required by some countries/territories.
  • If you do have upcoming travel plans, make sure that the passport you will be using has at least six months of validity left on it, as you won’t be allowed to travel if your passport expires in six months or less!
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Single African Passport

The inception of the single African passport has dominated headlines earlier this summer, and understandably so.

Still, what is it and who is able to use it?

The document is officially known as the African Union or (AU) e-Passport and is actually electronic! This streamlined passport grants those who possess it access to any of the AU member states, of which there are 54-yeah, I’d say that’s a good deal.

This incredibly desirable e-Passport has significance beyond its obvious travel-enabling capabilities. It’s seen as a key step toward the AU’s ultimate shared vision of a continent where borders are valued less than the freedom and unity of those contained by them. Supporters of the document hope the visa will improve travel and thusly, trade, in Africa.

The African Union has been citing 2020 as the new start date for visa-free continental travel. Without a doubt, the launch of the e-Passport is seen as important step toward that very goal. This single passport model is based on the European Union’s success with a similar schema. The territory is called the Schengen Area, and is comprised of 26 European countries that abolished visa requirements for travel (between fellow members).To be in accordance with these ever-changing passport trends and regulations, certain African regions have also eliminated or relaxed their visa policies, generally.

What’s the catch, you say?

Critics of the passport say that without a visa program, Africa would allow terrorists to travel more easily between countries. As security concerns heighten at home and abroad, this could prove problematic. Additionally, some fear that the passport could increase competition for jobs, especially in smaller African countries. Surprisingly, the funds attained from visa fees has become a really important source of income for embassies, another under-considered consequence of said policy.

The single African visa will move close to a greater vision and projected path that has been years in the making. As early as 1980, the Organization of African Unity called for exactly these types of policies that would promote free movement within African countries.

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Passport Security!

Passport theft is serious business and needless to say, it can happen in the blink of an eye!

Here’s some of the most common methods by which “scammers” take advantage of passport-holding travelers!

  • One common methods of theft is for the guilty party to simply walks off with a tourist’s passport! How can such an obvious scheme come to be?

Many thieves pose as a police officer or other law enforcement officials and stop their victims for fabricated questioning. This method is commonly referred to as “The Imposter.”

  • Some con artists will mark, stain, or otherwise damage a passport-holders clothes in order to enter another ploy-beware of these thieves who then attempt to help “clean up” the orchestrated mess.

Here, the perpetrator steals the passport from the victim’s pocket while they are distracted by this apparent misfortune. This method is commonly referred to as “The Clean Up.”

  • Beware of hotel and other merchant interactions, as leaving your travel documents on a table or concierge desk could lead to a swift swipe!
  • One final cheat involves a tourist who is seated at a cafe, restaurant, or other establishment, has their passport in the pocket of their jacket hanging on the chair, and ultimately, has it is stolen by a thief who has taken a seat behind them (usually pretending to reach into his pocket).

Stay safe, alert, and travel happy!

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What Does Your Passport Color Mean, Anyway?

Passport look and color isn’t exactly something that folks brag about! 

Passport users can’t specify the text surrounding their likeness, the aesthetic for the stamped pages, the cover color, etc…  

But do the colors have any significance, at all?

The documents famously come in shades of red, green, blue, and black. To the surprise of many curious travelers, the color of your passport does not follow a strict system of country by country regulation—however, the colors are not totally random!

Red Passports

Red passport covers are used by members of the European Union (with the exception being Croatia). In a sort of branding attempt, countries interested in obtaining EU membership have followed suit. In one region that is known for collective (past) interests in EU participation, including Colombia and Peru, red passports are standard.

FUN FACT: The Swiss passport cover matches their flag!

Blue Passports

Caribbean states/territories typically use blue for their passports, although it’s common in other far reaches of the globe, too. Brazil and Argentina, for example, all boast blue passports.

FUN FACT: The United States’ passport only became navy blue in 1976 to match the shade of the American Flag’s star-spangled upper-left corner.

Green Passports

Most Islamic states of the middle east use green passport covers because of the importance of the color in their religion, flag, etc…Other nations that utilize the color scheme include West African States like Niger and Senegal.

Black Passports

There’s another far more practical interpretation for selecting passport colors, for certain territories, that is. Dark colors tend to show less dirt and as a result, tend to look more official/legitimate. Examples include Zambia, and New Zealand!

FUN FACT: The U.S. passport is about to see some radical changes, and while the design has yet to be released to the American public, we know that this country has a history of changing its passport cover, again and again!

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London Does Business!

A huge part of London‘s draw as an international financial hub is undeniably the allowed access to the internal market of the wider European Economic Area, also commonly referred to as the EEA. 

As new alliances arise and old territorial holdings fall, what does this mean for such a business center?

Licenses issued by the UK, when used as passports, allow foreign financial firm to lend their financial expertise throughout the EEA. However, if the UK cannot secure a means to stay within the internal market, the UK will inevitably lose these rights/freedoms of operation.

Of course, this internal market is navigated via a strong network of rules and regulations. These formalities permit access to other EEA member states ONLY if a firm has obtained the proper license in one of these member states.

This particular system of complete, unrestricted access based on a single passport is specific to the EEA and as a result, if the UK were to leave the EEA, the results would be disruptive to say the least.

Additionally, an extra license would be absolutely necessary for all forms of cross-territory services, such as the establishment of a new branch or subsidiary across these national boundaries/borders. This would make the UK become the third country that now needs to find a point of access through which to conduct business in the EEA. Moreover, EEA financial institutions would be required to apply directly for a license to enter the United Kingdom!

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More on Brexit!

Brexit has left international unrest and resulting confusion! What does this mean for passport holders?After the infamous British vote to leave the European Union in recent months, many are left with unanswered questions and lingering frustration about how these changes will affect travel plans and in a greater sense, one’s mobility.

Fear not, worried and weary travelers! Changes to passport and travel opportunities will not take hold for an expected two year transition period. w

When these changes are enacted, and for some, travel abilities are strained, many are wondering what will happen when they need new passports for their children.

Here are some quick and easy guidelines for the best approach to obtaining a child’s passport!

If your child is due to turn 16 years of age in a short while, you’ll need to apply for an adult
passport (the age restriction is carefully observed, so beware!). Otherwise, individuals will have
to apply for a standard, ten year adult passport.
Be aware that legally, parental responsibility is required in order for a caretaker/guardian to apply on their behalf. To be more specific, however, if you adopted your child overseas, before June 1st 2003, your child doesn’t automatically qualify for a British passport (this is true even if one of the subject’s parents is a British citizen).Children must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a British passport:
  • The child must be a British citizen
  • The child must be a British overseas citizen
  • The child must be an overseas territories citizen

If this is the child’s first passport, then the process is as simple as applying for the passport online! If you need to renew or replace an old passport, you can complete this simple process in the exact same way, but sure to indicate the correct type of passport and desired country/territory (duh).

There are options out there to help speed things up, so it doesn’t have to be such a nightmare. usually recommend a three-wait for getting a new passport, but they have some great options ranging in price and speed.


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Extra Pages? Think Again!

Beginning this year, the U.S. government has enacted a big change in passport policy! They’ve even been forcing frequent travelers to get new passports!


Some frequent flyers and business folk alike are proud to show their airplane seat buddies a particularly well-travelled passport. This may include additional pages that were added on beyond the document’s initial printing in order to accommodate these overflowing government-issued stamps.

Since this change, which was enacted on January first, travelers are no longer be able to get extra pages added to their passports!

The government’s State Department cited security concerns for the alteration, but they did deliver the public with a possible alternative option to getting a new passport entirely: a new 52-page passport, which is a whopping twice the size of the usual 28-page document.

Travelers are able to choose whether they’d like the 28-pager or the doubled version, and both are fortunately at the same cost to passport-seekers.

This massive change to frequent flyers is the second passport-related announcement made by the U.S. government last year (in a rather short period), in addition to the government being able to deny passports for people who owe significant back taxes to the IRS.

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Best Travel Spots for Fall!

September approaches rapidly and poses some amazing getaway opportunities ahead!

Stay up to date on the best fall travel destinations and get where you’re going faster and easier with!

Oktoberfest (Germany)

Although many festivals and international events seek to replicate the magic of Germany’s Oktoberfest, the original Munich celebration runs from September 19th to October 4th annually! The festivities are enjoyed by an average of 6 million beer fanatics from around the globe.
Tourists and locals alike get in the mood with traditional dirndls and lederhosen, a certain crowd pleaser for a glimpse into another world of rich cultural tradition.
Be sure to save room for some of the finest pretzels and wurst on the planet, with enough sauerkraut and fixings to go around!
Fear not, non-drinkers! Amusement seekers should hone in on the dazzling, expansive fair grounds and roller coaster rides!

Grizzlies in British Columbia, Canada

For most of the year, brown bear (aka grizzly bear) are understandably shy around people and as a result, we don’t get many opportunities for viewing the beasts.In British Columbia, Canada, that all changes in the fall, when these masters of the forest descend on rivers and streams to feast on the spawning salmon there.
From late August until early October, adventurers can enjoy a glimpse of these wild and exhilarating feeding frenzies. Visitors get practically guaranteed closeup of grizzlies!
Take advantage of Bear Camp,where migratory bears meet a large human population in reliable masses. This particular site is on the bewildering Chilko River in central BC and the hidden tented camp built around a rustic, authentic fishing lodge offers unbelievable bear watching possibilities!
This sort of playground for people and bears is a must see!

Shoulder season in the Caribbean

The Caribbean’s sandy scenes are unparalleled in natural beauty. In the fall, these paradise setting are less crowded than in the bustling winter months. Additionally, hotel rates are considerably lower at this time of year! These savings can be tremendous and should not be underestimated in planning a dream vacation abroad!
Hurricane season does happen to coincide with this relaxed time in the Caribbean, but historically, islands like Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao have an incredibly low chance of being hit!

Day of the Dead (Mexico)

El Dia de Muertos has been subject to undeniable cultural appropriation and misunderstanding in recent years, but there’s much more to this complex and beautiful ritual than many seem to understand!
Respectful and open-minded travelers in the country are invited by locals enacting ancient traditions to honor deceased children, known as “angelitos” on November 1st and similarly, deceased adults are honored on November 2nd.
Each shrine includes pictures of the deceased individual, beloved food, drinks, skull-shaped treats, candles and the coveted cempasuchil, known as the Aztec marigold (flower of the dead).
Day of the Dead festivals take place across Mexico and each region celebrates a little differently.
Some of the most elaborate  of these festivities are held in Mexico City and Michoacan!
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Canadian Passports!

The requirements for Canadian passport photos are significantly different from those in the United States! Got travel plans? Stay in the loop and get there without a hassle!

A notable difference here is that photos must have proof from a commercial photographer and also, like in all territories, your photos must comply with the Government of Canada’s Passport Program photo requirements. If not, you face rejection by the government agency!

You must submit two identical photos with each passport application.

Passport Rules for Canada:

  • The image must be taken in person by a commercial photographer (or signed as such).
  • The image must be 50 mm wide X 70 mm high (2 inches wide X 2- 3/4 inches long) and sized so that the height of the subject’s face measures between 31 mm (1- 1/4 inches) and 36 mm (1- 7/16 inches) from chin to head.
  • The image must be sharp and clearly in focus.
  • The image(s) may be in color or in black and white.
  • The image must be taken with a neutral facial expression.
  • The image must be taken with uniform lighting without shadows, glare or flash.
  • The image must be taken straight on, with the subject’s face and shoulders centered.
  • The image must be taken in front of a plain white or light-colored background with a clear difference between the subject’s face and the passport photo background.
  • The image must be an original that is not altered or taken from an existing photo

Additional Info:

  • Glasses are permitted to be worn in photos, as long as the eyes are clearly visible and without glare.
  • Sunglasses and tinted eye glasses, however, are unacceptable.
  • Photos with the red-eye effect or red eye alterations are unacceptable.
  • Hats and head coverings, unless worn for religious/medical purposes, are prohibited.
  • The subject’s hair can worn “down.”
  • Heavy shadows are not acceptable and lighting must be uniform.

Child Photos

  • The image must be taken to show the child’s head and shoulders only. This means that parent’s or child’s hands must not appear in the photo.
  • Luckily, the Canadian Passport Program recognizes the difficulty in obtaining a neutral expression of a newborn and will allow for some wiggle room here.
  • For newborn babies, the photo may be taken while the child is sitting in a car seat, as long as a white blanket is placed over the seat behind the child’s head (to create that required white background).

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South and Central American Summer Getaways!

Looking to head south these coming months? Stay in the loop to hit the prime spots!


This region was once the heart and capital of the Inca Empire and the majesty of this sacred land can still be felt today. Cusco is the undeniable home base for adventure-hungry travelers visiting the legendary Machu Picchu.

However, significantly lesser-known attractions such as La Catedral and Sacsayhuamán experience significantly less tourist traffic, with just as much history, culture, and just as many breathtaking natural settings.

Rio De Janeiro

This famed travel destination, with its exciting nightlife and cascading white sand, makes for an undoubtedly fun getaway at any time of year.

Are you looking for a dazzling Carnival costume or a striking view of the world-renowned Christ the Redeemer? Rio has certainly got it all, from historically rich cultural landmarks, to the modern and the bustling. Remember, soaking up the summer sun at Copacabana won’t cost you anything at all, making for an unforgettable experience, as well as a slightly thicker wallet.

Costa Rica

This world’s gem has got more to offer than can be covered in a brief post. Attractions range from volcanoes to hike, to lush rainforests to explore and a most vibrant culture, waiting to be experienced.

Rest-seekers shouldn’t feel compelled to do it all! Remember, folks who are looking to veg out can get themselves in line with the local “pura vida,” as the Costa Rican’s say, surf and sunbathing along the Nicoya Peninsula’s 80 mile shoreline.

Patagonia (Argentina)

The region’s mystical scenery will captivate you from the moment you first lay eyes on it. Be sure to consider the historic Lake District for some out-of-control sites and sounds!

Don’t overlook the rustic cattle ranges of Southern Patagonia, which are sure to provide you with a glimpse into a world unknown. Last but not least, take a trek to the Cave of the Hands and get to know Punta Tombo’s Magellan penguins!

Galápagos Islands

The magnificent Galápagos Islands are best known for the world’s most colorful creatures. From Darwin’s finches, to giant tortoises, to seals and penguins, this unparalleled hotbed of biodiversity will leave you speechless.

Plus, the islands boast a really uniquely minimal tourist footprint, adding to their remote allure. While getting to the tantalizing islands will cost you, you’d be hard pressed to find an island hopper who doesn’t think It’s worth the trouble!

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