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How to take your own biometric photo

Get the perfect biometric ID photo in 3 minutes or less.

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snap or upload a photo

Take or upload a photo

First, snap a photo or upload one from your device. Our photo editing tool will help you frame the picture correctly.

AI prepares the photo

Get your photo fine-tuned by AI

Next, AI fine-tunes your photo by adapting the background to meet all requirements. It also crops and resizes the image.

photo expert verification

Let our experts verify the pictures

Finally, one of our experts carefully verifies the picture against official requirements. You get the feedback in under a minute.

download or printout passport photos

Enjoy your new photos

Your 100% compliant photos are ready for instant download. You can also order printouts and get them delivered to your door.

Tips for taking your own biometric photos

Follow these steps to get the best results

Distance from the camera while taking a passport photo

Mind the distance

Pose 4–6 feet (1–2 meters) from the camera. Use a timer to take your photo or have someone snap it for you.

passport photo posture: Straight ahead

Face the camera directly

Keep your head straight. Avoid tilting your body or looking away. Remember: portrait mode is not suitable for any ID photos.

Passport photo lighting

Ensure good lighting

Take your photos in daylight e.g., next to a bright window. Shadows on your face or in the background are not allowed.

Need more details? Read the information below

What are the Singapore passport photo requirements?

To apply for a passport, it is essential to have a biometric photograph that reflects your present and natural appearance. To ensure its acceptance, you must adhere to specific requirements. An appropriate passport photo for Singapore should:

  • Measure 35x45 millimetres
  • Have a plain white background
  • Have been taken within 3 months before you submit your passport application
  • Present you facing the camera directly with your face fully visible, eyes open, and mouth closed
  • Have your head occupy 70–80% of the photo

It's also crucial to ensure that the lighting in the photograph is adequate. Any shadows on your face or in the background are not permissible.

Complying with these rules is the first step in preparing an ideal photo for your Singapore passport. Keep reading to find out more about places and tips to take your passport picture.

Passport-size photo in Singapore

The size of your biometric photograph is a critical factor. While the official requirements specify the Singapore passport photo size in millimetres, it's useful to know the size in pixels if you're submitting your photo online. Check the table below to ensure that your Singapore passport picture has the correct size.

Singapore Passport Photo Size

In millimetres (mm)

35x45 mm

In centimetres (cm)

3.5x4.5 cm

In inches (in)

1.38x1.77 in

In pixels (px)

400x514 px

Note: Thanks to our Singapore passport-size photo maker, your photo will be resized automatically as per the official requirements!

What to wear for a Singapore passport photo

While the Singapore government hasn’t created a specific dress code for passport photographs, there are some things you must take into account when choosing your look.

  • You can wear glasses for your passport photo, especially for medical reasons. However, your eyes must be completely visible, and you can’t wear coloured glasses. So, avoid tinted lenses and ensure there are no reflections
  • If you wear make-up, ensure it’s as natural as possible. Your biometric photograph must reflect your real, everyday appearance
  • Head coverings are acceptable if you wear them for religious reasons

Where to take a passport photo in Singapore

You can get your Singaporean passport photo in photography studios or photo booths. There’s also a lot of photo shops and photo labs that offer passport photo-taking services. Alternatively, google “passport photo near me” to find the nearest and most suitable location. Ensure that the place you choose offers a digital version of your photo, too, in the case of online submission.

The easiest way to take your passport photos, though, is to do it by yourself with your phone! If you’re wondering whether it’s possible and how to do that, read on to discover more details!

Can you take passport photos yourself?

Yes, you can! And it’s much easier than you might think!

The only thing you need is your mobile phone and our passport photo editor—an innovative, AI-backed application that will automatically transform any picture you take into a compliant Singapore passport photograph!

Snap a photo against any background you want—just ensure natural lighting and we will take care of the rest!

Still not convinced about taking passport photos on your own? Keep reading to discover useful tips that will make your passport photo-taking journey a piece of cake!

How to take a passport photo at home: tips

Creating your passport photo without leaving your home is a convenient, time-saving solution. With our passport photo maker, you’re sure that the pictures you prepared are 100% compliant with the official requirements!

Below you’ll find 4 tips that will help you take the best passport photo possible!

1. Take your passport photo in natural light

Your biometric photos must be free from shadows—that is why it is best to take your passport photos in daylight, e.g., by standing next to a window. Avoid direct sunlight as it may affect your natural skin colour tone and cast shadows on your face or the background.

2. Smiling is fine

While a neutral facial expression is the most desired for a passport photo, you can take your picture with a slight natural smile. The most important thing to avoid is showing your teeth or smiling too widely, even with your mouth closed.

3. Make it as simple as possible

It’s okay to wear a suit or a dress for your Singapore passport photo if that’s comfortable for you. Still, keep it simple—limit the accessories that could cover your facial features and avoid wearing clothes with too many patterns or loud colours.

4. If you can, ask somebody to take the photo for you

Selfies are acceptable as long as the picture meets all official requirements. However, asking someone to take your passport photo—if you have such a possibility—will help you relax and pose more naturally for a perfect biometric photo. Plus, you can take as many photo shots as you want!

Remember that your passport-sized photos must follow the ICA photo rules and be compliant with the ICAO guidelines as well.

Why take biometric photos with your phone?

You’ll get your photo done conveniently. In no time!

A woman is taking a selfie for her passport photo

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Get your photos fast with our online tool. No need to drive or wait in line. Our editor automatically adjusts your photo to meet compliance standards, saving you time and effort.

Meet all requirements

Our expert verification stages ensure we deliver photos that meet government regulations. We guarantee a 200% refund if your photo is rejected.

Look your best

Your biometric photograph will stay around for up to 10 years. Take as many shots as you need until you’re happy with what you see!

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