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How to take your own biometric photo

Get the perfect biometric ID photo in 3 minutes or less.

Check out just how easy it is!

snap or upload a photo

Take or upload a photo

First, snap a photo or upload one from your device. Our photo editing tool will help you frame the picture correctly.

AI prepares the photo

Get your photo fine-tuned by AI

Next, AI fine-tunes your photo by adapting the background to meet all requirements. It also crops and resizes the image.

photo expert verification

Let our experts verify the pictures

Finally, one of our experts carefully verifies the picture against official requirements. You get the feedback in under a minute.

download or printout passport photos

Enjoy your new photos

Your 100% compliant photos are ready for instant download. You can also order printouts and get them delivered to your door.

Tips for taking your own biometric photos

Follow these steps to get the best results

Distance from the camera while taking a passport photo

Mind the distance

Pose 4–6 feet (1–2 meters) from the camera. Use a timer to take your photo or have someone snap it for you.

passport photo posture: Straight ahead

Face the camera directly

Keep your head straight. Avoid tilting your body or looking away. Remember: portrait mode is not suitable for any ID photos.

Passport photo lighting

Ensure good lighting

Take your photos in daylight e.g., next to a bright window. Shadows on your face or in the background are not allowed.

Need more details? Read the information below

What are the requirements for an Irish passport photo?

In Ireland, you can renew or apply for your new passport book or a passport card online or by using a paper form. Depending on your choice, you must submit either printed or digital photos. Both must meet specific requirements about size, background colour, and quality—among others—to be accepted by the authorities.

Before we move on to detailed guidelines, here are the basic requirements every applicant in Ireland must follow to get their passport photos accepted:

  • Maintain a neutral facial expression
  • Capture yourself from the top of your head to mid-torso
  • You can wear head coverings only for medical or religious reasons
  • Ensure no other objects or people are visible within the photo’s frame
  • Take your passport picture against a plain background, preferably light grey, white, or cream
  • You can wear glasses as long as your eyes and facial features aren’t covered and they don’t cause reflections or glares

Remember that selfies will be rejected by authorities.

The same Irish passport photo guidelines apply to baby passport photos.

Printed passport-size photo

If you apply for or renew your Irish passport with a paper form, here’s what you need to know about your printed passport photos.

Applicants must submit 4 identical passport photos that are at most 6 months old. Two photographs must be stamped and signed by a witness. Also, the witness must write the form number on the back of the photos.

Moreover, your Irish passport photos must:

  • Measure between 35x45 and 38x50 millimetres
  • Be printed on photo-quality paper at a high resolution
  • Have your head take up 70–80% of the picture’s height

Digital passport photos

Applying for your Irish passport online means uploading a digital photo to your application form. Ensure to check all the technical requirements of your digital passport pictures.

  • In colour
  • Not scanned
  • JPEG format
  • At least 715x951 pixels
  • The maximum of 9 MB file size

Where can I get a passport photo in Ireland?

Before choosing your passport photo-taking location, ensure they guarantee passport photos in line with government regulations.

In Ireland, there are a few places where you can get your passport photos taken:

  • Photo providers, like Photo Me or ID Station stores (especially suitable for a photo with code)
  • Pharmacies 
  • Professional photographers
  • Photo labs

Alternatively, you can also google “passport photos near me” to find the most suitable location.

Passport photo printing

Do you already have a digital passport photo but need to print it out? Then you might want to check out these services where you can print your passport photos or have them taken and get the prints instantly:

  • Snapfish
  • Photobox
  • Printpoint
  • Boots printing photo booth

Irish passport photo online

The last option to get your passport photos is to order them online. First, you must already have a picture suitable for your Irish passport. Then, send it to a provider of your choice, e.g., McGorisks Pharmacy, and order digital or hard copies.

But how can you take your own passport photo? And what can you do to ensure it’s going to be accepted?

Read on and find out!

Can you take passport photos yourself?

Yes! And it’s easier than you may think!

You can take your Irish passport photo at home or wherever you are—just prepare your phone and our passport photo maker. Within minutes, your biometric photograph will be ready for online submission. If you prefer applying with a paper form, we also offer high-quality printouts delivered directly to your door!

Thanks to our AI-supported system and a team of passport photo experts, you can be sure to receive a perfect biometric photo that is 100% compliant with the official Irish passport photo requirements. Take as many photo shots as you need and choose the one you’re most satisfied with!

Download our passport photo app and try our service today!

Why take biometric photos with your phone?

You’ll get your photo done conveniently. In no time!

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Save money

We offer expert feedback, door delivery, and high-quality printed or electronic photos—all reasonably priced, and from the comfort of your own home.

Save time

Get your photos fast with our online tool. No need to drive or wait in line. Our editor automatically adjusts your photo to meet compliance standards, saving you time and effort.

Meet all requirements

Our expert verification stages ensure we deliver photos that meet government regulations. We guarantee a 200% refund if your photo is rejected.

Look your best

Your biometric photograph will stay around for up to 10 years. Take as many shots as you need until you’re happy with what you see!

Save your little ones from stress

Spare your little ones some stress. Stay home rather than drive to a photography studio—use our unlimited free retakes to find a perfect shot!

Get a picture for any document you need

Prepare biometric photos for official documents with just one app. Perfect for visas, Green Cards, European passports, and others.

Get a photo for your passport or other documents

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